You can book book me as a guide or join a

SDI/TDI Sidemount Diver Program

followed by further SDI/TDI courses

or an

ISE Basics of Exploration (BOE) Course

according to ISE standards and then an

ISE Sidemount Workshop


You will not be able to breathe water after having taken a course with me -

but you will be - for sure - a better diver than before!


If you wish to book me for a course you can contact me via the contact form.

On my Facebook business site

are all my course dates for SDI and ISE courses listed.

Here you can find more information about the SDI/TDI courses:


If you wish an ISE course you can book directly the desired class on the InnerSpace Explorers website:

On the ISE website you will also find my ISE Instructor profile

and more details about the courses and the prices

During the Summer months I am located in Gozo / Malta and teach my courses at Gozo Technical Diving Center.

On the students expenses I will also dislocate and teach you at other warm water destinations if you wish so.

All courses will be video recorded and include a detailed video debriefing and pictures.


Quality is a decision


I am very conscious about quality and not quantity in my life: You work hard for your money and so I will do for my revenue. Therefore my instructor to student ratio is maximum 1:2.


Students pay for the training but have to earn the certification.




Students should use the xDeep Stealth or Razor or similar equipment. I am not teaching on Hollis SMS 100 and other "Hybrid" rigs etc.

These are the highly recommended equipment for the class.

Please email me should you have further enquiries.


▪    Regulators:  Apeks Sidemount set or  similar 

     (long hose 210 cm and short hose 75 cm for SDI/TDI courses and 2 x 100 cm hose 

     configuration with Toddysnaps for the ISE courses).

▪    At least one depth measuring device.

▪    At least one time keeping device.

▪    At least one line cutting device.

▪    At least one low volume mask.

▪    One pair of non split, rigid fins.

▪    One underwater notepad.

▪    One closed style surface marker SMB (1m).

▪    One spool of at least 30 meters of line.

▪    Appropriate exposure suit.

▪    One main lamp

▪    One back up lamp


There is rental equipment available on prior inquiry.